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Hi, welcome to our website. My name is Mark Lette, marketeer in heart and soul. Since my love Sandra and I moved in 2016 from Holland to Spain the focus of our business is at the Costa del Sol. We divided our activities; For the video-department of Sandra Kolner click here. For marketing and social media; keep on reading!

What about marketing?

Marketing and sales run like a thread through my career. Since the creation of my first company in 1998 I have always been focused on sales and marketing (offline and online). In the end of the 90’s it was mainly about the principles of Google Adwords and optimization for the search engines. In the following years I have become more and more immersed in actual conversion via the Internet. In the last 8 years, this expertise has been a sign of direct sales, internet marketing and advice to SMEs. No company is the same, no advice about the proper use of the Internet is that whatsoever. What is your problem, your target group, what is the budget, which media fits your company? Who is your customer and… How do you make sure they do what you want? I focus on psychology in combination with the Internet technique. I like to think strategically with companies and with my creativity and years of experience advice the companies to choose the right solution(‘s).


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Training and workshops

Besides one-on-one advice to companies, I also have extensive experience in providing training, internally and externally. For example, in the form of social media workshops. My training is characterized by a pragmatic approach.

“Very instructive training! Confrontational in the sense that there is so much more to do than I realized.” For every company recommended, be sure that you learn something new. ” (Maryn Gerrits – Castillo de Monda)

“I thought it was a very interesting and useful masterclass. I learned a lot of new things that I can use immediately” (Mirjam Diepenbrock – Animal Soul Academy)

“A world opened up to me because I did not know what all the possibilities were, very instructive and definitely recommended if you want to get more out of Facebook!”   (Kim Celens – Real Estate Agent)

“I have followed this masterclass with great pleasure and has provided more than enough new insights and information to give a new boost to the use of Facebook for business purposes – absolutely worth it for anyone who wants to use Facebook seriously for their business. Mark is a pleasant, clear trainer. ” (Alexander Wijnen – Sunshine Tours)

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